Saturday, 25 August 2012

A snack for the weekend

From: "Kokboksklubben God Mat: Grönsaker och rotfrukter" Hemmets Journal AB, 1983
I don't know what it is about white asparagus but it looks a bit more... perverse than it's green relative. But maybe that's just my imagination running away with me.

Friday, 24 August 2012

It's Friday night, let's celebrate with a stuffed melon!

From: "Kokboksklubben God Mat: God mat att bjuda på " Hemmets Journal AB, 1980

We made it yet another week, didn't we? Let's reward ourselves. Stuffed melon and champagne for EVERYONE! (The melon is stuffed with grapes. I know how much you all love grapes).

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Aspic of the week!

From: "Kokboksklubben God Mat: Grönsaker och rotfrukter" Hemmets Journal AB, 1983
It's the clown of the Aspic-world.

How about some mid-week inspiration?

From: "Kokboksklubben God Mat: Fisk och skaldjur " Hemmets Journal AB, 1980

Fish fingers. Who doesn't love fish fingers? They have, unlike many of the other dishes featured on this blog (yes, I'm talking about you, fish turbans in grape sauce!) survived into the instagram-age. Celebrity chefs may have tried to give you a make-over, fish finger, but I still prefer you in a frozen multi-pack. Fried and eaten between two slices of white break. Or, if this cook book is anything to go  by, with a mussel sauce and a spoonful of capers. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Tuesday treat

From: "Kokboksklubben God Mat: God mat att bjuda på " Hemmets Journal AB, 1980

Feeling fed up with the working week already? The stress of work and the post-holiday blues getting you down? Can you feel the darkness creeping ever closer as the before warm summer nights fade away into obscurity and the chill of autumn approaches ever faster?
When you feel like giving up and hiding away from the world underneath your duvet, DON'T!
Light a candle, set the table (using decorative sprigs of pine). Relax, breathe and serve up a baked pâté. You could even instagram it if you'd like (#powerofpâté).

Monday, 20 August 2012

"Here's looking at you, kid."

From: "Kokboksklubben God Mat: Fisk och skaldjur" Hemmets Journal AB, 1980
Please note the straight gaze from the upper crab.
Note it, and remember it.
(or am I the only person with an irrational fear of crabs?)

Monday Aspic

From: "Kokboksklubben God Mat: Festmat" Hemmets Journal AB, 1982

To be honest I am a bit jealous of the 80's chef. It seems to be that life was simpler then, you don't have to source organic truffles soaked in Suri Cruise's tears to impress your dinner guests. You did't have to go on shows like 'Come dine with me' and make a fool out of yourself in order to prove that you knew your way around the kitchen. All you had to do was master the noble art of gelatin and have a slightly pedantic streak (you don't want those cauliflower florets to set in far too abstract patterns).